Nike Max Classic BW Men Shoes black/white online

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About Nike Max Classic BW Men Shoes black/white online

Brand New in original box, Nike max BW men shoes wholesale online store form ,we offer many colors sizes and styles , low price high quality .Retails for $45.99nike air is presurized air inside a tough ,yet flexible bag .these air sole units are located in the midsole beneath the heel ,forcefoot or in both locations ,the air sole unit copresses to reduce the force of impact and then immodidately recovers to its original shape and volume ,ready for the next impact .lightweight-by displacing heavier misole materials with nike air cushioning ,we can reduce the weight of the shoe without sacrificing performace ,this is important because the lighter the shoe ,the less energy the athlee must expend during performance .versatile :this is important because different athlete in difference sports require different performance characteristics ,nike air cushiong can be tuned to tuned to meet the exact specifications of athletic performance ,cushioning:as the foot strikes the ground nike cushioing gives or absorbs the impact forces and allows the muscles ,joints and tendons to be protected and it will immediately return to its original shape ready to prdtect the body against the next impact force ,as a result ,the athlete is able to protect their body from fatigue and stress .
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